The Joy of Mandalas

Teresa Pellegrini

“The lesson of renewal is that from small seeds big things grow. From the seeds of our own joy, a whole world can be reborn.” This quote is by Ingrid Fetell Lee, author and founder of The Aesthetics of Joy revels that the pursuit of happiness is a process; many of us work our entire life to attain “happiness.” Joy is the rainbow that shows itself and fades creating a smile from ear to ear.
With this project, I created a set of eight visual, centering mandalas with a positive affirmation for each, a prompt for contemplation. I hope to create a space for anyone to take a moment, a breath. We all need to slow down, go deeply inward, reflect and relax. My intention is to provide that opportunity with the visuals created. I began this process with laser cutting/printing the mandalas on wood. I attempted to engrave and cut into the wood to create 2-sided images. They did not turn out as planned so I printed them onto cards to create a deck for contemplation, to create joy. There is a set of 8 mandalas, or circles(Sanskrit interpretation). Using Adobe Illustrator, on one side there is a mandala image created, on the other side is a word prompt for contemplation to facilitate joy. The eight words are: perspective, humility, humor, acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, and generosity.