Stay Boolin

Bryan Michaels

Somedays, you wake up and come up with tons of ideas, but ultimately, do not follow through with them. Sometimes, you actually follow through with an idea, and that is how Boolin came to be. As an artist and designer, I have been drawn to clothing and fashion because it is a way for people to express themselves.
Boolin is a clothing brand that is used to express myself as an artist and an individual. I have carefully curated a line of products, branding and ideas, which represent my growth as a person over the past couple of years. From going through an “edgy teen” phase, to being depressed, to maturing over time, the products I designed each represent a different phase in my life. The word Boolin means chilling, and relating it back to the brand, no matter what phase of life you are in, good or bad, it is always important to “Stay Boolin.”