Throw with Us: Stories from the New York Yoyo Community

Jonah Koen

What is your first thought when you hear someone mention a yoyo? For some it’s nostalgia, or curiosity and intrigue; while others may associate it with the idea of a children’s toy. As I enter my eighth year of yoyoing, I’ve learned that a simple string and spinning circle can open entirely new worlds. Yoyo is not only a toy, a hobby, a skill, a passion and a sport, but also a place for community, new friends, shared experiences and the true ability to play and thrive in joy with others.
Throw with Us: Stories from the New York Yoyo Community is a book focused on representing and documenting the community aspects of yoyoing, including the people involved and a range of public activities. The book showcases experiences, stories and events from the yoyo community through layout design, thoughtful typography and photography. Part of this documentation includes Community Yoyo Day, an event held on April 2nd in New Paltz, which brought community members together to learn how to yoyo. This book delves into one of my deepest passions and how the yoyo is something more than a toy, becoming a string that interlaces people, places, experiences and the stories that tie them together.