Michelle Grieco

Many of us go through life in search of love, acceptance and belonging from the world around us. Doing so can cause us to forget who we are. “Innerface” is a video walk-through of a digitally simulated computer interface that reflects the experience of losing touch with your sense of self due to outside influences. These influences include toxic personal relationships, societal standards and capitalism represented through text messages, a social media feed and pop-up advertisements, respectively. In letting the world around us dictate who we are, we lose sight of our true selves.
The design of “Innerface” compares the influence of these external forces on our view of ourselves to the intrusiveness of the digital world. As the story of “Innerface” progresses, more influences are introduced to the user, causing the design style to alter from inviting and warm to loud and confusing. Color combinations that appear to vibrate are used throughout to reflect the disorienting feeling of losing yourself. The goal of “Innerface” is to encourage people to explore themselves and question if the face they present to the world is their true one by displaying how we construct meaning about ourselves from the world around us.