Stardom Is A Curse, Man!

Sarah Glascock

What is the first thing that pops into your head when you hear “1970s rock scene?” You’re probably thinking about how good the music was or perhaps the legendary parties that occurred. However, many are too blinded by nostalgia to discuss the grooming, statutory rape and drug abuse that too often occurred in private.
In my project, the toxicity behind the scenes becomes the focus. Through the story of the fictional band “Underground Underground” you will see just how venomous that side of rock was. Furthermore, you’ll explore a different reality in which these celebrities were actually held accountable. This project takes the form of a retrospective, digital article 50 years after the story takes place and with visual artifacts displaying what once was. Using both creative and visual storytelling, through both written word and design, you will find that fame is indeed a curse. And through the nostalgic eyes of the narrator, and the presence of the influential Layla Evans, you will truly see how much struggle is within stardom and the hidden darkness there is behind the scenes.