Dressing America: 50 Years of Women’s Fashion in America

Eve Carmody

Dressing America: 50 Years of Women’s Fashion covers the common styles of fashion and icons from the 1960s to the 2000s through a lens of inclusivity. Fashion has always been a universal outlet for individuals to express themselves; the way we dress is a form of visual language. Recently, fashion has experienced a revival of past trends, specifically from these five decades. Historically, the fashion world focuses on the dress of white women.
This book attempts to acknowledge the history of women of color and their influence on the fashion industry, while also emphasizing how our fashion today is greatly inspired by the past. We dress ourselves every day without knowing the history of the styles we wear or love. For the design of the book, I was inspired by the nostalgia of scrapbooking, digital collage techniques and the visual design trends of each decade.