Reefs at Risk

Sabrina Burdick

Reefs at Risk takes a deep dive into the Florida reef system where the corals have been impacted by forces of climate change caused by human behavior. Through research from scientific articles and books on the topic, this project highlights the main issues that affect the reefs. This interactive site focuses on environmental subjects ranging from human pollution and warming water temperatures to dangerous chemicals that negatively affect the corals.
It tells a story about the reefs through a digital narrative that allows people to explore the issues and understand the harm that can be done by human beings. The site shows the horrors of what is taking place on the reef through photos and text, and the imperative to take care of the natural reef system. It’s intended for those who are looking to learn about the reefs or young adults advocating for the reefs in Florida. Reefs at Risk exposes what goes on beneath the surface and shows the urgency of how everyday people can make a powerful impact in taking care of them.