Reality: an augmented print experience

Kate Brodowska

I have created a print book using augmented reality (AR) technology to improve and enhance the user experience in line with commonly used smart devices. The subject of the book is ‘Reality’ and the ways in which it can be reinterpreted through the lens of AR. The visuals on the pages are viewed through a smartphone/smart device using existing downloadable AR software. Readers without a smart device can still enjoy the book without the AR component, but utilizing the AR technology will dramatically enhance the experience.
The aim of the book is to showcase the potential impact AR could have on print media of all natures. Once this technology has been developed and incorporated into magazines and books the commercial potential is enormous. Magazine publishers could offer AR enhanced editorial pieces alongside AR advertising, which would allow creatives and graphic designers enormous scope and flexibility in the presentation of their messages. There is also considerable scope for use in instruction manuals and educational material to simplify and improve learning experiences.