The Branding of Distilleries in the Hudson Valley

Vanessa Bosch

Craft distilling has skyrocketed over the past decade and with so many either already growing or starting-up, how does a distillery stand out and guarantee they don’t get overlooked at the bar or in a cram-packed shelf at the liquor store? Just like in any business venture, branding your craft spirits company is central to your success and you must create a brand that people will recognize and ask for. Your brand is the first thing a customer will notice about your product and often can be the determining factor in a customer’s purchasing decision. It’s important to make it memorable and for it to convey a message that compliments the quality and story of the product.
For this project, I designed a web-based visual analysis of distilleries in the Hudson Valley to explore how their branding helps them stand out from others in the same region.